Increase your home security this summer with these top tips!

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How Secure is your Home ?

Some homes are scoped out prior to the burglary. It is very important to make your property not look appealing to burglars . Here are a few factors to think about :

  • Is it obvious when you are on holiday or when your home is unoccupied . For Example Are all your lights off or on, are your blinds all closed , have you posted on social media.
  • Do you have ladders or props left lying around that a burglar could use to climb
  • Is there a spare key hidden under a bin or plant pot
  • Does your home look secure from the outside ?


The most common way of burglars gaining entry to homes is through the front door, so it is imperative that your doors are secure as possible.

  • Make sure your doors are locked whether you are in or not
  • make sure you take keys out of the door
  • All exterior doors should be solid
  • Install viewers [also known as peepholes ] allow you to see who is on the otherside of the door before you open it .


If we see a light on in a house we assume so one is home – so do burglars!

  • Installing security lights to the exterior of your home is always a bright idea to discourage burglars
  • Attach timers to lamps inside your property so your lamps come on at set times

Intruder Alarm

Intruder alarms are fantastic for discouraging burglars, check out our website [click the link below] to see our latest offers on home security alarm systems.

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Although you want to share your most exciting experiences with your friends and family . Posting your whereabouts on social media is not a good idea when trying to keep your home secure .