Terms & Conditions

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1. This Agreement is for the provision of Installation, Routine Inspection, Servicing, Maintenance and Repair of security and/or safety equipment by Discount Security Wholesalers/5 Star Alarms (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Company’, ‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’).

2. This Agreement supersedes and terminates any antecedent agreement relating to the System without prejudice to any liabilities or obligations, of either party to the other, outstanding upon such termination.

3. Acceptance of this agreement is indicated by a signature or other means such as providing a letter of intent or Purchase Order for the work to be carried out.

4. By accepting this Agreement the Customer:

4.1. Accepts these Terms and Conditions in their entirety without reservation.

4.2. Agrees to make payment of £45 of the Installation Charge in addition to any direct costs incurred by Discount Security Wholesalers/5 Star Alarms (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’), regardless of the work being actually undertaken or the agreement being terminated before work is completed.

4.3. Agrees to make payment of invoices raised during the installation for work completed up to that time or for equipment delivered to site or equipment as detailed in clause 6.

4.4. Agrees to pay the balance and all other charges due in full at the time of installation.

4.5 Cancellation or rearranging of the system must be done 48hrs before the system is due to be installed failure to give 48hours notice will result in loss of your deposit.

4.6 If we cannot access your property on the day of the system being installed will result in loss of your deposit.

5. The Customer assumes all risks in respect of the system and signalling equipment and all component parts upon delivery to the customer’s premises and shall insure to the full value thereof against all normal risks.

6. Title of all goods sold to the customer shall remain with the Company until payment for all charges has been received in full. In the event of termination of the Agreement prior to such payment, the Company may repossess and/or charge for the all work including the Installation of the System or Signalling Equipment or any part thereof.

7. Where premature supply of equipment is unavoidable but cannot be delivered to site, the Company reserves the right to bond the equipment & invoice the customer accordingly. A Vesting Certificate will be issued on receipt of settlement to acknowledge products are held in bond on behalf of the customer.

8. The Customer has an obligation to inform the Company of any hazardous materials, working conditions, operations or processes on site with particular attention to the Health and Safety Act 1974, Construction Regulations 1994 and Control of Asbestos Work Regulations 1994. The Company reserves the right to withdraw employees from site if any significant hazard becomes apparent, and to make additional charges for interruption to programmed work.

9. All prices quoted are valid for a period of thirty days from the date of the agreement and are based upon the layout of the premises as seen at the time of the survey, the equipment as detailed in the Equipment Schedule and the content of the enclosed Proposal. Variations may alter the price quoted.

10. The Customer shall notify the Company a minimum of 14 days prior to any proposed structural alterations to the premises or signalling lines and the Company reserves the right to alter or amend the System should this become necessary, at the Customer’s expense.

11. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that any structural alterations, placement of stock, fixings or furniture do not detract from the field of detection of any device or view of any sensor for which purpose it was originally intended, nor to provide a path for any undetected illegal entry where protection was formerly provided.

12. The installation charge is based upon the technicians of the Company being afforded continuous and uninterrupted access to the premises between the hours agreed at the time of booking.

13. The Company will install the System and/or Signalling Equipment to relevant current British Standards or Codes of Practice.

14. Equipment and facilities that the Customer has agreed to provide as part of the proposed installation must be available at the time of installation. The Company reserves the right to withdraw employees from site if these are not available at the agreed time and to make additional charges for interruption to programmed work. These will include as a minimum unless otherwise agreed in writing:
– AC supply terminating at the main control panel via an unswitched spur outlet, on the same electrical phase as all other associated equipment with the system.
– A telephone line where applicable terminated within 2 metres of the location of main control equipment.
– Ducting and trenching with draw wires or chases if applicable.

16. The Customer agrees to provide, or bear the cost of hiring specialist ladders, scaffolding or access equipment that may be necessary for installation and subsequent servicing.

17. The Company cannot accept liability for any environmental conditions interfering with, or preventing the operation of any wire less, infra red or radio based equipment connected to the System. Should the operation of any equipment prove unsuitable, the company reserves the right to remove the equipment and offer a refund to the value of the equipment and/or at the company’s discretion: offer alternatives; fit filters and additional equipment where applicable at the Company’s standard rates as applicable at the time of alteration.

18. The Company’s policy is one of constant improvement and the Company reserves the right to alter the specification of any component part or parts and to replace it, at the company’s discretion with a suitable piece of alternative equipment capable of the same degree of protection.

19. The ‘Agreement Period’ will be a continuous period of 1 year from the date the system is handed over to the Custome. Otherwise, the Agreement  Period’ will be run concurrently with any existing agreement that is already in force.

21. During the Agreement Period the Company undertakes not to increase the Maintenance charges.

22. The Customer agrees to pay all maintenance at the time of servicing

24. Upon expiry of the Agreement Period and on each anniversary thereafter, the Agreement Period may be extended for twelve months at a time although the Company always reserves the right to review the Terms and Conditions and the Maintenance charges prior to each extension to the Agreement Period

25. Unless otherwise stated, equipment fitted as new will have a warranty of 12 months from its installation date.

26. After the first year of the Agreement Period, for a fee calculated on the purchase price on selected items of equipment and always at the discretion of the Company, the Customer may have the option to extend this warranty on an annual basis to provide a service.

27. At the Company’s discretion, during the Agreement Period the Company undertakes to inspect and test the system either remotely or by site visit, to current British or European Standards.  By signing this Agreement the Customer authorises access to the programming of the equipment by an authorised representative of the Company at any time other than when the building is secured as indicated by the intruder alarm system being fully or partially set..

28. The Customer must not permit any person other than an authorised representative of the Company to test, repair, adjust or alter any part of the System or Signalling Equipment but agrees to report to the Company any defects or indications of failure of the System, Transmission Path or Signalling equipment as soon as reasonably practicable 29. For Intruder Alarm Systems covered by this agreement attendance is available under the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday excluding public holidays within 48 hours subject to availability of resources.

28a. The company does NOT offer a 24hr call out service, the callouts are only available Monday-Friday 9am -5pm and Saturday 9am -11am and have to be booked.

30. The Company will effect any repairs or replacements necessitated by inherent defect or by ‘fair wear and tear’ without charge in the first year and consumable items which will be chargeable to the Customer at all times during the continuance of the contract. 32. The cost of materials and labour incurred for work carried out to repair accidental or malicious damage to the system or to re-set the System after mis-operation by the Customer or his servants / agents or as a result of a malicious act are not included in any type of Service Agreement and are chargeable to the Customer.

33. The Customer agrees to pay the cost of any attendance required due to error by the Customer or third party or in the event of a reported fault not being evident or abortive attendance or failure in services supplied by any third party or any other circumstances which are outside the control of the Company. This will include fire, storm, flooding, other adverse weather conditions, industrial action by members of other companies, repair of damage by rodent or animal activity, or resetting the system when activated by animals or insect infestation.

35. The Customer accepts overall responsibility for the integrity of the System or Signalling Equipment in so far as the Company cannot reasonably be accountable for the integrity of the Customer’s Servants or Agents or the distribution of keys and/or passcodes. The Customer will indemnify the Company who will not accept any liability for any loss, damage or injury following a breach in the Customer’s own security protocol.

38. The Customer agrees to take all reasonable steps to ensure the Alarm System causes no distress or nuisance to any third parties and accepts liability in the event of any claims made by Police, Local or other Authority or Civil Action.

40. The Company will seek indemnity against the Customer and no liability will be accepted by the Company following prosecution for failure to conform to this Act.

44. The Customer should insure against all likely risks and all property and valuables against theft and destruction and include the system against damage by Fire, Storm, Flood and wilful acts and to have the proposal approved or accepted by their insurance company knowing the extent of such potential loss.

45. The Company has no special knowledge of the nature and value of the contents of the premises for which the System has been proposed or specified, or of the nature of the risks to which the premises and their contents or occupants will or may be exposed.

46. The System as set out in the Company’s proposal or specification is intended only to reduce the risks, loss or damage to property and / or injury to persons in or on the premises to the extent that this is reasonably practicable by the use of such equipment.  No undertaking is given or implied that the System cannot be circumvented or compromised or that the System will prevent any loss, damage or injury.

56. The Company accepts no liability following any loss, damage or injury caused by delays in installing the System or Signalling Equipment or any effective connection thereof.

57. No responsibility is accepted by the Company for any loss, damage or injury arising from the failure of the Security System to transmit an activation eligible for Police or Fire Authority attendance or for the activation to be categorised as eligible for Police or Fire Authority attendance arising from an unlawful act of entry or damage or otherwise by person or persons in the premises.