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  • house alarms

    Honeywell LCD Burglar Alarm Keypad

    Honeywell 8EP417A-uk LCD Keypad


    • Up to four keypads per control panel
    • 2x16 characters LCD display
    • Illuminated keys
    • Can be mixed with LED keypad
    • On-board PA facility
    • Full LCD status indication
    • Entry/Exit tones
    • Dimensions (h x w x d): 105 x 135 x 25.5mm
  • Texecom Veritas Remote Keypad

    The LED remote keypad not only allows set / unset but also allows access to all the other features of the panel including programming when the correct pin is entered Compatible with the Texecom Veritas range of security systems and burglar alarm control panels
    • Dimensions 140mm x 105mm x 35mm
    • Approvals EN50131-1 Grade 1 & 2, Environmental Class 2 - Indoor general

    Technical Specification

    ELECTRICAL Operating Voltage 13.7VDC nominal, 10.0VDC minimum Current Consumption Volume Dual Level Back-Light 600mcd typical Cable 4-Core, up to 100m Connection Star, Daisy Chain, or any combination