Keeping your home safe from burglars

What makes your property attractive to burglars?

  • A high front boundary, this acts as a shield for burglars so they are not to be noticed by neighbours/passers by
  • Accessible wheelie bins; these will act as a step ladder to burglars making the access to your property much easier.
  • No visible intruder alarm; a property that looks as though it may be unsecured will be more appealing to a burglar than a property with a visible intruder alarm.
  • Valuables on display; leaving any valuables on display is an advertisement to burglars as to what you have to offer.
  • Open or unsecured windows; this is an open invitation to burglars to come into your home to help themselves.
  • Unlocked back or side gate; if it can be locked it should be, don’t make a burglars job easy for them by leaving anything unlocked.